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A paper was accepted in Biomaterials (IF=7.882)

posted Sep 26, 2011, 3:20 AM by Taesung Kim
Ms. Choi

Many congratulations!!

-- Your work will appear in Biomaterials soon. Surprisingly, the editor told me that no scientific revisions are necessary so that it was accepted in a month. Thanks again for your time and effort! Let's celebrate soon!


== message from the editor ==

Ref.: Ms. No. jbmt18355R1
Patterning and Transferring Hydrogel-encapsulated Bacterial Cells for Quantitative Analysis of Synthetically Engineered Genetic Circuits

Dear Prof. Kim,

I am pleased to tell you that your revised manuscript has now been accepted for publication in Biomaterials. Elsevier will be in touch with you shortly regarding proofs and production.

Thank you for submitting your work to Biomaterials.

With regards,

Prof. D.F. Williams, F.R.Eng

Biomaterials is  the leading journal in its field. Impact factors released by ISI in June 2011 showed Biomaterials with an impact factor of 7.882 and an Eigenfactor of 0.1350.