I would like to teach and transfer my education philosophy to the mechanical/chemical engineering courses in fluid mechanics, heat transfer, thermodynamics, transport phenomena, and MEMS both on undergraduate and graduate level. I would also hope to develop and instruct upper level courses in subjects of micro-/nano-fluidics, BioMEMS, and biophysics I learned from world-class faculty – Ernest F. Hasselbrink, Edgar Meyhofer, and Michel M. Maharbiz – and from world-class places like MNF (Michigan Nanofabrication Facility) at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, BSAC (Berkeley Sensor and Actuator Center) at University of California Berkeley and JBEI (Joint BioEnergy Institute at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab). In particular, I am planning to develop advanced level of lectures as well as a textbook on micro-/nano-fluidics including micro-/nano-scale biophysics. This plan was motivated because we are witnessing an extraordinary time in the history of engineering science as a result of the convergence of multiple disciplines, such as chemistry, physics, nanotechnology, and biology. Of course, it is believed that our mechanical engineers have a high potential to make big contributions towards this convergence so that it is hoped that my teaching plan would accelerate the development of Nano-/BioTechnology for the welfare of human beings.

         Spring: None
         Fall: Fluid Mechanics (For undergraduate)

         Spring: Microfluidics/Nanofluidics (MEN521)
         Fall: None

         Spring: None
         Fall: Mechanical Engineering Lab. (MEN300 for undergraduate)

         Spring: Advanced Thermodynamics (MEN510 for graduates)
         Fall: Mechanical Engineering Lab. (MEN300 for undergraduate) 

         Spring: Bio-MEMS (MEN559)
         Fall: Mechanical Engineering Lab. (MEN300 for undergraduate)

         Spring: Thermodynamics (MEN210)
         Fall: Mechanical Engineering Lab. (MEN300 for undergraduate)
                Microfluidics/Bio-MEMS (MEN521)

         Spring: None
         Fall: TBD
         Winter: Fluid Mechanics (TFP220 for undergraduates)
                     Mechanical Engineering Lab. (TFP300 for undergraduate)

2012  Spring: None
            Fluid Mechanics (TFP220 for undergraduates)
            BioMEMS (MEN559 for graduates)
            Mechanical Engineering Lab. (TFP300 for undergraduates)

2011  Fall
            Fluid Mechanics (TFP220 for undergraduates, two sections)
            Mechanical Engineering Lab. (TFP300 for undergraduates)
            Advanced Thermodynamics (MEN510 for graduates)

2010  Fall
            Applied Thermodynamics (TFP211 for undergraduate)
            Micro-/Nanofluidics (MEN521 for graduates)
            Thermodynamics (TFP 210)

2009  Fall 
    Applied Linear Algebra (MTH10302 & MTH10303 including Vector Calculus)
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    Calculus (MTH10106 for undergraduates)
    Micro-/Nanofluidics (MEN521 for graduates)