uFNM Intranet:

Other Group & Research Center:

Meyhofer Group
Nanomechanics Lab. Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan.

Lurie Nanofabrication at University of Michigan

Maharbiz Group
BioMEMS Lab. EECS, University of California at Berkeley.

Jay Keasling Group
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.
Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI).

BSAC (Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Center)

S. K. Kauh Group
Mechatronics Lab, Mechanical Engineering, Seoul National University.

    • Four Seasons in UNIST (to be updated!)

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    • MT/workshop   

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    • Conferences

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    • People (old boys)

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    • ISMM at Hong Kong

      ISMM 2010 at Hong Kong with KSA (김상엽, 이세연, 이은세, 이호재-영재고 학생)
        ISMM Oral Presentation