MicroNanofluidics/ Electrokinetics

Micro-/Nanofluidics + Electrokinetics = Bio-sensor

Biosensor for (bio-)molecule Detection, Separation and Concentration
  • Nanofluidic channel networks/structures enabling selective ion/molecule filtering.
  • Biomolecule Carrier using microtubules (one of cytoskeletonl filaments).
  • NanoTweezer Array Transducing Chemcial Signals of Antibody-Antigen Systems into Mechanical Signals (would be one of our future directions)
  • This device makes it possible to selectively extract target molecules such as streptavidin and bovine serum albumin and then highly concentrate them up to higher than 5 orders of magnitude from a complex mixture of analytes ranging from 1 nM to 10 fM.

Nanofluidic and Electrokinetic Flow Phenomena 
  • Experimental Investigation of Flow Instability, Circulation and Vortex in the presence of Electric fields.
  • Theoretical and Numerical Approach using CFD to confirm Experimental Results.
  • Applications of the Phenomena to microfluidic Pump and Mixer.

Nanofluidic target ‎‎(bio-)‎‎molecule filter


Electroosmotic flow expels non-target biomolecules


Biophysical studies and mechanistic modeling on t
he responses of cells and proteins to external mechanical and electrical disturbances
  • The movie below shows that microtubules ( one of cytoskeleton filaments) on a kinesin (biomolecular motor)-coated surface are aligned with an electric field due to electrophoretic forces.
  • Also, the traslocation of a single microtubule by kinesin is guided to move along a circle by manipulating the direction and strength of electric fields.   

    Active microtubule alignment using an electric field


Guiding a microtubule to move along an arbitary circle ‎(30 um in diameter)‎