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- As of Jul. 8th 2016.

Postdocs and graduate positions are available (박사후 연구원 혹은 대학원생 모집중입니다).

>> Postdoc <<

   Dr. Qitao ZHOU (Post-doc, from China) 


  - Microfluidic SERS Devices

  - Electrokinetics

   Ashishi Kumar THOKCHOM (Post-doc, from India) 

 - Crack-photolithography for Nanowire fabrications

 - Printing based Unconventional Nanofabrications

>> Researchers <<

   Kyoungyoung LIM (임경령, Researcher & Administration Staff
  For general inquiry into our lab.,  please contact her at 

  ufnmlab at or at 052-217-2382.

  Note that the picture left is from ^^.

>> Ph.D./M.S. Candidates <<

   Dogyeong HA (하도경, awarded GPF from NRF)
Ph.D. Candidate in Mechanical Engineering (2014 - present)
Research Interests: Lab on a chip, Microfluidics
Performing Project: Crack-photolithography and its applications to Micro/Nanofluidics
He has worked on Materials Printing with Woon Sun Choi and his work has been published in Journal of Biomaterials in 2011.

   Jongwan LEE (이종완, awarded GPF from NRF) 
Ph.D. Pre-candidate in Mechanical Engineering (2013 - present)
B.S.: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Korea Polytechnic University. (2006~2011) 
M.S.: Mechanical System Engineering, Korea Polytechnic University. (2011~2013)
Research Interests: Polymer processing, Microfluidics, Lab on a chip 
Performing Projects: Fabrication and Integration of Functinal Membranes for Microfluidic Devices, Artificial gill 
E-mail: jwlee at

     Kyunghun LEE (이경훈
Ph.D. Pre-candidate in Mechanical Engineering (from Mar. 2016 -)
Mechanical Engineering, Pusan Natioinal University (Feb. 2014)
M.S.: Mechanical Engineering, Pusan Natioinal University (Feb. 2016)
Research Interests: Numerical Simulation of Flows at Micro/Nano-scales
Project Projects:
Numerical and Experimental Study on Nanoparticle Separation


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    Jooyul BAE (배주열, awarded GPF from NRF)
Ph.D. Pre-candidate (from Mar. 2016)
Mechanical Engineering, UNIST (Feb. 2016)
Research Interests:
Project: Nanoscale Hydrodynamic Film based Microfluidic Devices (Multifunctional Bioreactor)


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    JunKyu PARK (박준규
Ph.D. Pre-candidate in Mechanical Engineering (from Mar. 2016)
Mechanical Engineering, ChoongNam Natioinal University (Feb. 2016)
Research Interests:
Underwater Respiration System and Pervaporation-based Microfluidics


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     Woo Yeong LIM (임우영
M.S. Candidate in Mechanical Engineering (from Mar. 2017)
Mechanical Engineering, ChoongNam Natioinal University (Feb. 2017)
Research Interests: Microscale thermofluid simulation 
Project: Nanoparticle Manipulation Using Rapid and Precise Temperature Switching


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   - Potential lab members
    If  you are interested in our lab., please contact Prof. Kim at ufnmlab @ gmail . com.
    Hope you will be able to join us in the near future!

>> Undergraduates <<

  - A Braille-integrated Microfluidic Flowrate Controller

  - 서상진: Developing Digital Micropump, valve, and regulator systems 
  - 이재현: Evaporation-based Particle Separation
  - You can be here if you are interested in uFNM lab and admitted as an undergraduate intern.

 >> Alumni <<
>> Post docs
  1. Dr. Dongjoo KIM (김동주박사, Post-doc) 2015.03-2016.06 @ UNIST  (Postdoc @ Yale Univ.)
  2. ...
>> Ph.D.
  1. Minseok KIM (김민석) - 2010.01 - 2015.08 (Postdoc @ MIT)
  2. Ji-Won LIM (임지원) - 2013.03 - 2018. 02 (Postdoc @ - 한국식품연구원)
  3. ...

>> M.S.

  1. Sung Yong Park (박성용) - 2010.01-2012.02 (KISTEP)
  2. Yoonkwang Nam (남윤광) - 2011.03-2013.05 (ADD)
  3. Mingjie Jia (지아 밍제) - 2011.09 - 2013.08 (Back to China, MIDAS) 
  4. Hyunmoon Nam (남현문) - 2012.09 - 2015.02 (...)
>> Researcher and staff
  1. Hye Young Hur (허혜영): Married!
  2. Woon Sun Choi (최운선): Genolution at Seoul   
  3. Ji-Hye Park (박지혜): Staff @ UNIST
  4. Su Hyun Kim (김수현): A company at Daegu
>> Undergraduates
  1. Summer Internship (2009): 허정우, 서석빈, 신이슬 @ UNIST
  2. URP 2010: 신이슬, 허지현, 박소영 @ UNIST
  3. Young Mee Kim (UNIST): LG-electronics
  4. Dogyeong Ha (UNIST): currently at ufnm lab. (2012 인턴쉽 최우수상 수상)
  5. JaeMin Moon (UNIST): 현대차 (인턴쉽 우수상)
  6. 정경찬: 엘지
  7. 임정은: 유학
  8. 이찬민: 군입대
  9. 강상권: 현대차
  10. 김동형: 현대중공업
>> Exchange Students
  1. Hong Xiaoqiang from University of Science and Technology of China (2010.09 - 2011.02)
  2. Troy ("Nick") Grantham from The University of Michigan (2014.07 - 2014.08)
  3. ...
>> External Internship
  1. RNE 2009 (한국과학영재고): 김상엽, 이호재, 이은세, 이세은 @ KAIST  (우수상 수상)
  2. RNE 2012 (한국과학영재고): 김연주, 이현주, 박원정, 배지현 (포스터 장려상 수상)
  3. RNE 2014 (한구과학영재고): 윤효상, 한충훈, 이도연, 선민규 (우수상 수상)