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Thrust Areas

  • Micro-/Nanofluidics:  Small Chip but Big World!   
  • - Microfluidics and Nanofluidics (MNF) deal with fluid mechanics and mass transport phenomena at micro-/nanoscale. Unlike classical fluid mechanics and heat and mass transfer, the MNF are a multi-disciplinary field including engineering, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, and biotechnology and show a variety of novel applications.

- M. Kim and T. Kim*, Diffusion-based and long-range concentration gradients of multi-chemicals for bacterial chemotaxis assays, Anal. Chem., 82(22), pp. 9401-9409, 2010. PDF (top left)
- Minseok Kim, Ji Won Lim, Hyun Ju Kim, Sung Kuk Lee, Sang Jun Lee*, and Taesung Kim*, Chemostat-like Microfluidic Platform for Highly Sensitive Detection of Heavy Metal Ions Using Microbial, Biosensors and  Bioelectronics, 2015, 65(15), 257-264PDF (top right)
- Seongyong Park, Dasol Kim, Robert J. Mitchell, and Taesung Kim*, A Microfluidic Concentrator Array for Quantitative Predaton Assays of Predatory Microbes, Lab-on-a-chip, 2011. PDF

  • Mixed-scale Patterning (micro-/nanofabrication) :  Cracking is Breaking! 
  • - Nano-scale patterns can be simultaneously produced with micro-scale patterns by using only the standard photolithography, showing a wide variety of micro-/nanofluidic applications. It is called "Crack-photolithography".

"Crack-photolithography for Micro/Nano-patterns

- Minseok Kim, Dogyeong Ha, and Taesung Kim*, Cracking-assisted photolithography for mixed-scale patterning and nanofluidic applications, Nature Communications, 6, Article No. 6247, 2015. PDF

    • Multi-physics Simulation :  Complex but Visualizable!  
    - COMSOL Multiphysics Simulation visualizes the pre-concentration of target biomolecules at the anodic side (left) of the nanoporous, perm-selective memebrane patterned on the microchannel surface. This simulation deals with Navier-stokes's equation, Poisson's equation, and Nerst-Planct equation at the same time. It is called electrokinetics, show
    ing remarkable potential for bio-sensor applications. The following simulation results show ion concentration polarization phenomena and nonlinear electroosmotic flow (the 2nd kind EOF flow).
    [The concentration and polarization of ions, proteins, and DNAs]   

    2nd EOF U.avi

    [Vortex Flows at the microscale]


    [Particle Separation including CTC sorting]

    - Minseok Kim, Mingjie Jia and Taesung Kim*, Ion Concentration Polarization in A Single and Open Microchannel Induced by A Surface-patterned Perm-selective FilmAnalyst, 2013, 138(5), 1370-1378. PDF
    - Mingjie Jia and Taesung Kim*, Multiphysics Simulation of Ion Concentration Polarization Induced By Nanoporous Membranes in Dual Channel Devices, Anal. Chem.2014, 86(15), 7360−7367. PDF (IF = 5.825)
    - Mingjie Jia and Taesung Kim*, Multi-physics Simulation of Ion Concentration Polarization Induced by A Surface-patterned Nanoporous Membrane in Single Channel DevicesAnal. Chem.2014, 86(20), 10365–10372. PDF (IF = 5.825)

    • Mechatronics (automation of micro-/nanofluidic devices) :  Let's have the robot experiment! 
    - Micro-/nanofluidic devices can be automatically operated with the aid of LabVIEW and electric circuits (controller).   

    - Jae Myung Lee, Jun Hyeong Lee, Taesung Kim* and Sung Kuk Lee*, Light-switchable gene expression system in Escherichia coliPLOS One, 2013, 8(1): e52382. PDF
    - Younkwang Nam, Minseok Kim and Taesung Kim*, Pneumatically Controlled Multi-level Microchannel for Separation and Extraction of Microparticles, Sensors and Actuators: B-Chemicals, 2014, 190, 86-92. PDF (IF = 3.840)

    • Printing based micro-/nanofabrication :  Make Things Show up! 
    - Inkjet-printing technology is employed to produce live cell patterns for high-throughput screening of small mutant libraries and nano-gratings for anti-counterfeit applications.
     [Materials Printer]
    [Printing of Live Bacterial Cells: 
    Patterning and Printing of live cells for investigating cellular interaction/communication]
    - Woon Sun Choi, Dokyeong Ha, Seongyong Park, and Taesung Kim*, Synthetic Multi-cellular Cell-to-Cell Communication in Inkjet Printed Bacterial Cell Systems, Biomaterials, 2011, 32 2500-2507. (IF=7.365) PDF
    - Woon Sun Choi, Minseok Kim, Seongyong Park, Sung Kuk Lee and Taesung Kim*, Patterning and Transferring Hydrogel-Encapsulated Bacterial Cells for Quantitative Analysis of Synthetically Engineered Genetic Circuits, Biomaterials, 2012, 33(2), 624-633. PDF

    Supplementary Movie2 ‎(Fig. 4b)‎.mp4

    [Printing of Nanoparticle Suspension: mono-layered self-assembled nanoparticles]

    - Hyunmoon Nam, Kyungjun Song, Dogyeong Ha and Taesung Kim*, Mono-layered Photonic Crystal Patterning for Anti-counterfeit Applications of Structural Colors, Scientific Reports, 2016, 6, Article number: 30885. PDF (IF = 5.228)