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-- µFNM Lab Research Gallery!

 [ Crack Lithography ] 

Seoul Subway Map Produced by Cracks

 [ Nanoparticle Printing for Structural Colors ] 

Nanogratings for Structural Coloration

Viewing-angle-dependent Structural Colors

 [ Numerical Simulation of Electrokinetics ] 

Simulation of Ion Concentration Distrubution

Simulation of Preconcentration of Small Molecules

Vortex Flows Produced by Nonlinear Electrokinetics

 [ Flow Visualization in Microfluidic Devices  ]

Integration of hydrogel membrane

 [ Droplet Generation on a Microfluidic Chip ]

Droplets penetrating through a narrow gap array

 [ Microparticle manipulation Using a Microfluidic Chip ] 

Concentration of microparticles (~ 10 um)

Simulation of microparticles in a microfluidic device

Concentration of microparticles

Separation of microparticles

Separation of yeast in Korean traditional rise wine